You have a fantastic idea for a new small business, project, or blog. Maybe you are a freelance photographer with amazing photos from around the world. Perhaps you are the world’s best cookie baker (all of your friends even say so). Or maybe you are looking to get into something new like dropshipping.

How are you going to get started?
Whatever the idea, skill, or business model, one thing rings true.

You need a website.
Drag-and-drop platforms are popping up all over the place.
Weebly  and Squarespace are seemingly effortless website builders that get the job done.

Is that all you need to build your business website?

Here are the top 4 truths behind building your business website.

Implement the best content management system. WordPress is easily the world’s most popular CMS. It has a vast support community and plugins explicitly used for the platform. It is the most customizable website builder on the planet and boosts the productivity of your website. Once your small business takes off, it’s easy to hire a WordPress developer to increase your site’s functionality.

It’s flexible, simple to install, and free to get started.

WordPress’s biggest weakness is its security. Because of its popularity, hackers are good at hacking it. That’s why you need to…

Find dependable development and maintenance. WordPress is an ever-evolving platform. Over 33 percent of the live websites worldwide are WordPress sites, and the platform typically releases multiple updates each month. To ensure your site remains safe and secure, your site needs constant maintenance on core code and plugins.

Do you have the skills or the time to do that yourself? If yes, what are you waiting for? If not, you might want to consider hiring someone to fix the bugs for you.

dependable website maintenance company will allow you to focus on your business ideas, thoughts, marketing, and other initiatives, instead of ensuring all your technical issues are adequately handled multiple times per week.

Choose a good e-commerce platform. If you are starting up your website for a new business endeavor, it stands to reason that you’re looking to make some money. Am I right?

Well, if you want to start making the dough, you need something important.

An e-commerce platform.

If you chose WordPress as your website builder, I have some good news. You’re a few clicks away from your selling journey with WooCommerce.

An astonishing 94 percent of WordPress e-commerce sites use WooCommerce. It’s everything you need to start selling online.

Get a fantastic user interface design. If your target market or potential client gets annoyed, frustrated, or confused when visiting your website, you’re doing it wrong. If you don’t give your visitors obvious, actionable, and delightful options within six seconds of them entering your website, you’ve lost them forever.

Once you have your brand new website set up, all of your technical issues are being maintained, and you’ve set up WooCommerce or another alternative eCommerce site, it’s time to design it.

The best design is a design that your visitors don’t realize are there. Simple is often the best strategy.